Happy 10th Birthday, K.!

Today K. turns 10.

I find that sentence staggering. He's now in the double digits and surely it was just yesterday that we came home with our exceedingly tiny two year old boy. (He wore 9 month size clothes at that time.) I remember being so worried about him... and us. He could walk, but that was about it. Would he ever talk? Grow? Gain strength? What was our future going to look like? Would we be able to manage it? There were so many unknowns. But he was sweet and cute as a bug and we loved him.

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to worry, that K. would be just fine. In fact, he would be more than just fine. He would grow into a pretty fantastic boy with no limitations. Without the worry I could have enjoyed his first years home a little bit more. This is probably a good lesson for me right now as well. I have an over-active imagination that is not always put to good purpose. Ninety-nine percent of the time, my wild imaginings of a bleak future never pan out.

So Happy 10th Birthday, K.! You are such a funny, kind, and bright boy. I love watching you push yourself to learn new things, and I love your enthusiasm about life. I love your kisses and hugs and, "I love you's," at bedtime. I love how you care for your little sisters.

Pretty much, I just love you, K.!

We're celebrating tonight, so I'll have pictures tomorrow.


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