The dregs of my writing for the day

Between the seizure/drug dazed child, the child who fell and cut her head, which then bled like Mt. Vesuvius (she's fine now), and an article which was due that ran to over 2000 words, there is not much left for you, my dear blog readers.

Instead, I'm going to send you to another article. This was sent to me by a good friend who shares my taste in books and, more importantly, reads as voraciously as I. We like to talk about books together. And give each other book recommendations. And discuss why finding time to read is a high priority for us. And worry together about running out of book titles.

And since we also share a love of research, articles that tell us why we are better off doing our favorite thing... reading... make us happy. Now you can share our happiness, too.

The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction: 9 ways it makes us happier and more creative


GinaBrewer said…
I really enjoyed the article on reading fiction. What are some of your favorites?
Kristin Mueller said…
This is a fascinating article! I especially was amazed at the point about empathy. Whenever I read about a situation and encounter a real-life person living that situation, I feel like I understand and know so much more about what they are going through. I don't tell them that, of course, because I figured they might think I'm a little insensitive for seeming to understand them because I read it in a fiction book!

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