Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pity the cat

This is Midnight.
This is Midnight hiding.
This is Midnight hiding because otherwise this is where you will find him.

It doesn't need to be H., it could be anyone of the 9 children currently inhabiting the house. I probably see him being lugged around by each child at some point in the day. If they can find him. He has been hiding a lot.

It's hard to be the only pet in a house full of pet loving children.
Midnight would like to have a new dog friend to take some of the pressure off.
The children would like to have a new dog friend.
The parents would like to have a new dog friend.
We have to wait until after our Arizona trip.

It is difficult to wait so we fill our days talking about different types of dogs. Everyone has an opinion... or two or three. Some of the types of dogs which have been suggested include: Husky, German Shepherd, Great Dane, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Pitbull, Sharpei, Corgi, Dalmation, Newfoundland... I'm pretty sure there were many others mentioned. Do you see a pattern? With the exception of the corgi (which is really just a large dog who seems to have lost his legs), they are all fairly large to enormous breeds. Of course, as P. pointed out, when you have to wait to see who is available at the shelter, it does curtail your options a wee bit.

A small pony would probably make people happy, too.


Anonymous said...

You can always get a mutt! and who knows? There's a chance each of the children's picks will be in that dog!
We never really knew what was in my dog!

to china and back said...

I don't know how far you are from us, but we have a dog who needs a new home. He's used to kids and ignores cats. He's Ok with dogs he meets on the street--just needs to be the only dog in the household and we have several. He's a French Bulldog and is really cute. Has his shots, neutered, flea and tick, heartworm protected, etc. 16 months old. We are just looking for a good home for him. If you think you might want to try him out, let's see how far we are from each other. Maybe we could meet in the middle. E-mail me.

thecurryseven said...

Thank you for the offer! I think we need to look for a dog that can live with other dogs, just in case, you know...


Kristin Mueller said...

My aunt has had a number of Corgis, and my sister-in-law has one too! They can be really friendly, or they can be the type that barks - a LOT. They're herding dogs, so if little ones (like Joshua's size) run around a lot, the child ends up getting heels nipped because the dog's instinct is to keep them with the group. Doesn't sound like a small dog is going to win out, though!

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