Thursday, February 04, 2016

House of grief

I am so, so sorry to report that Gretel didn't make it through the night. It was a very difficult way for some of our children to wake up.

I'm so tired of grief.
I'm so tired of watching my children's hearts being ripped out of their chests.
I'm so tired of losing very young pets.
I'm so tired of not having any emotional energy to take care of the basics of life.
I'm just so tired.

These are pictures that TM took yesterday after he was able to put his heart back inside his chest.

We will miss Gretel greatly. She was a good dog.


jan said...

Truly, I am so sorry that gretel didn't make it..... as I said last night, we have a three year old yellow lab. A year ago, my chocolate lab, Chrissy, had to be put down. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I grieved deeply for several days. So painful. I felt like a freak because I was completely overwhelmed by losing her. nine kids, wonderful husband, lots of rotten farm animals, but there was only one chris. please know i am praying for your heart because i know it's broken, especially on top of your dad. May Jesus meet you in this place. hugs from indiana.

Anonymous said...

So sad. Those last pictures are precious. She was with her humans and her cat friend and I can tell you, that matters to them and to us.
htfhilltopfarm@hotmail in Wyoming

Anonymous said...

My best wishes and caring to you and all your family.
Losing a good dog just rips your heart out!...My
Denver died six years ago and I still relive memories
of him and I. Places around my community where we played
I love that you were with her till the end...
My caring thoughts from
mm,age 69, vancouver,wa.

Ann said...

Losing a dog is so different from losing a person, but so hard. Thank you for keeping Gretel with you at the end. It was best for her and best for the children. But my word, what a extra-terrible blow at a time like this. Thinking of you in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Praying for comfort, rest, strength.

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