Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Y.!

Yesterday was Y.'s 9th birthday. She knew her birthday was coming, how old she was turning, and she was clearly excited about it. I was a little trepidatious about it since she hadn't yet seen any other birthdays celebrated in her new family. I hoped that she didn't have expectations that we wouldn't meet. 

I needed have feared. She had a wonderful celebration. First, we ordered Chinese take-out for her birthday dinner. We asked our friend who does some translating for us to ask her what food she missed the most and it turns out it was shredded sauteed potatoes. (Who knew? I can actually make that.) Anyway, our friend helped us find a restaurant that served what Y. was missing, so we ordered from there and got some other things as well. She was pretty excited about a plate full of home.

Her birthday dessert was a little trickier. She has not shown herself to be a big dessert eater, though she occasionally likes chocolate. What she loves more than life itself are bananas. She adores them and cannot get her fill. So we decided to make a banana cake with chocolate ganache. (And by we, I mean D. made it. He's my resident baker.) I thought it was a pretty darn good cake.

Y. with her cake. The idea was really fun, but after a little taste she decided she would pass. Next year she and we will have a much better idea of what would make a good birthday dessert.

And then presents...

Here she is opening the gift from A. You can see that A. was able to join us through the wonders of technology. P. facetimes with her on her iPod and she was able to join us that way. (B. was the only one who couldn't make it since he had to work.)

Do you think she liked A.'s gift?

Here's why she was so excited. Yes., the camera-fiend now has her own. (It was A.'s old one that she doesn't use anymore.)

Also, did you notice the candle that had the correct age? And look at this adorable wrapping paper. It almost looks as though I was prepared in the birthday-detail department. No, it's all because our friend from Shanghai, whom we stayed with, took pity on our state and sent us home with a stack of wrapping paper and every number we could possibly need. (Thank you, Renee!)

Finally, the gift from Grammy. She was pretty excited about new clothes as well.

Happy Birthday, my adorable Y.! We are so glad you are part of our family now. We already can't imagine our lives without your smiling face.
A couple of other things. First, I have a story up at No Hands But Ours: Looking Past the Needs to See the Child

Second, remember the post I wrote about the business with the egregious commercial? Well, I'm happy to say, it has been pulled. Go to When We #Shout Together, We are Heard to read the details.


Anonymous said...

Love this Elizabeth! What a wonderful B-Day party to be ushered into the family!

Evie said...

She has such a sweet smile!

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