Good mail

Sometimes the mail brings nice surprises instead of large, vaguely anticipated bills. Such was the case yesterday when a large box arrived. Like a parent entering the bathroom or picking up the telephone, the arrival of a large, unexpected box brings children out of the woodwork.

"What is it?"

"Who's it from?"

"What did you order?"

"Is it for me?"

"Do you know what it is?"

"Are you going to open it?"

"Did you know it was coming?"

Were chorused all at the same time. I briefly thought about just letting the box sit there, unopened, and watch the masses of children do their combination Greek chorus/interpretive dance on the theme of unopened packages, but I wanted to see what was inside, too. Once I saw the return address, I had a feeling I knew what it was.

J.'s aunt and I had a conversation a while back about what I could use in terms of pottery, as she is a potter. I needed a new utensil holder since I had never been terribly fond of the one I had. I thought perhaps this is what the mysterious package might be. So we opened the box.


 there was bubble wrap.

The Greek chorus resumed.

"Bubble wrap!!"

"Can I have some?"

"Can we pop it?"

"How come her piece is bigger?"

"I want some. I didn't get any."

"Hey, don't pop my bubble wrap!"

In the meantime, I'm investigating the actual item that was inside the bubble wrap. I was right. I now have a new, personally made for me, utensil holder.

I love it! Thank you, Aunt Ginny!! (Oh, and the bubble wrap was a hit, too.)


Anonymous said…
I think your Aunt Ginny knew you needed
something to surprise you. What a nice
lady and beautiful pottery work.

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