Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore

Well, we were never really in Kansas at any point, but we are now in Urumqi and just as everyone had told us, it is different from any other place in China. We left Shanghai very early this morning and had no problem with our flight. It was just long, but far more comfortable than the last.

After our big day yesterday, another day of travelling today, and the lingering jet lag, we're all pretty tired. Tomorrow is the first big day... at 9:45 we leave to meet Y. I am still having trouble really wrapping my head around the fact that we are finally at this point.

Not much else to report about the day, other that we are here and about to have an early dinner and an early bedtime. If I can sleep with what tomorrow will bring.


Kristin Mueller said…
This is so exciting! I am praying for you all!

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