Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tree Trimming 2015

Today was our annual Christmas tree trimming party. I think the children are getting older because the tree was loaded with ornaments in record time. This is the first year ever that all the decorations have been put up and the boxes put back away before we sat down to dinner. How terribly civilized.

Here are some photos from the day... but remember, I'm using D.'s camera as a stop gap until we finally get one and to say I don't like it wouldn't quite convey my feelings towards it. It is just a big pain to use. And, I don't use it very well as you will soon see. Not that any of you have ever come here for the photography... except maybe to laugh. (Go ahead, it's alright. I really don't blame you.) These were all taken after the boxes were all put away.

I think we'll be able to squeeze in two more stockings, don't you think?

Bad picture #1... but a Christmas tree looks pretty even when blurry, right?

Here's Gretel doing her best calm and quiet dog imitation. Don't believe it for a moment. She ended up having to rest in her crate for much of the party.

It's not a party without snacks, right? Or what used to be snacks...

Here's really bad picture #2. It's supposed to be our front staircase all decorated. Just pretend, OK?

Another part of the front hall.

Enjoying the tree

I also got out our snowman game. It's sort of like tic-tac-toe.

Other people played a game of Dutch Blitz. (If you don't own this game, you should really get it. It's great fun.)

I caught G. just playing with the snowmen. They're pretty cute snowmen. 

At least the house is ready for Christmas now. 

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