Thursday, December 17, 2015

Speed of lightning

Gretel is back to good health which means she is back to her very bouncy and barking self. I have moments of wishing for just a low-grade fever to tone the barking down. Not really. Much. Gretel and the cat have continued to live together with minimal drama.

I was a little concerned about the Christmas tree. We have survived Christmas trees with babies, toddlers, puppies (and a Labrador puppy at that), and even twin toddlers, but thanks to the wonders of You Tube, I was seriously wondering if the tree would survive the cat. Based on all the videos people kept sharing, it would seem that Christmas trees are such a temptation to cats that we would be spending every waking moment either setting the tree back up, or taking the cat out of the tree, or replacing every single ornament on the tree. I was a bit trepidation.

So far, Midnight has left the tree pretty much alone. We have had a couple of ornaments that were batted off, but nothing more serious than the babies, toddlers, and puppies did. It turns out that Gretel is our secret weapon against Christmas tree cat sabotage.

Who would have guessed that Gretel, the world's goofiest and perhaps dimmest Labrador, the dog who takes approximately 1001 repetitions to figure something out, would turn into the Law and Order dog? Gretel does not like Midnight to break the rules. Those rules include: jumping on the table or counters, clawing the furniture, and... walking near the Christmas tree. If Gretel sees Midnight doing any one of these things, she is all over it like ants on honey. She will jump up, give a low growl, and dash towards the cat giving one short, but fairly ferocious bark. Midnight then stops whatever he is doing, glares at the dog, gives a swat with his paw, and dashes out of the room with Gretel close on his heels, just to be sure the cat doesn't try it again when Gretel isn't looking. She is kind of like our own personal UnderDog.

"There's no need to fear, UnderDog is here!"

It's a shame she doesn't polish our shoes when isn't busy keeping the cat in line.

I regret to inform you that if you understand the references, it puts you in a certain age bracket. Sorry. I also apologize for the ear worm that is now squirming around in head, because you can't exactly remember the words to the song. As far as I can tell, J. is the only person I know to be able to remember the all. I falter after "... roar of thunder."

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