More shopping

Because actually finishing the Christmas shopping for 12+ people isn't enough, I'm still gathering things to go out of the country a week later. Look at what I picked up today.

These are matching dresses for Y. and R, plus some hair bows. We will be able to bring all of R.'s wardrobe which is wonderful, but I'm quite sure that Y. will come to us with the clothes on her back. It is so fun to be able to finally get these girls some things. I figure they will wear them at the official adoption paper signing our second day in Zhengzhou and at our consulate appointment the next week. They would work for both climates... tights in Zhengzhou and short socks in Guongzhou. (Note to self. Dig out these items to pack.) The beauty of doing this kind of shopping at this time of year is the crazy sales that are on. I really didn't mean to buy dresses today. I was going to save that for next week. But when you find an entire store on sale for $12.99, you stop in.

What I was really doing was looking for a new pair of walking shoes to take. I wanted some time to wear them around before we left. I had success in that department as well. Good, comfortable walking shoes for under $30.

I was hoping that I could also show you the cute knapsacks I ordered for the two girls as well, but it seems they will be arriving tomorrow. Well, that would be the knapsacks along with all the rest of the things I saved until the last minute to order. It would seem that as much as we all love Amazon Prime shipping, it has made us collectively lazy and prone to wait until the last minute to finish shopping.


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