Monday, November 16, 2015

The ongoing saga of Gretel the dog

It seems that Gretel's goal in life is to see how many times she can visit the emergency vet clinic. Evidently, the emergency surgery she needed as a puppy to put her back together was not enough, because this time, she decided to be sick enough to be admitted for the entire weekend. And it only gets crossed off her bucket list if it happens on a weekend, I might add.

I had mentioned last week that we were a little concerned about how Gretel was acting, and hoping that it was just a case of her having overdone it playing sled dog. Well, she didn't really improve that much over the next couple of days and by Friday afternoon, one of her favorite people walked in the house and she didn't get up and bark obnoxiously at her. This was very odd. And Gretel had stopped eating. Very, very odd. And then TM threw a crumb of food for her to catch. She missed it (not odd), but then left it lying there on the floor a mere inches from her mouth. We called a made a vet appointment for Monday.

Less than a half hour later after making the appointment, Gretel looked decidedly bad. She was drooling, lethargic, fairly unresponsive. Really not good. So not good that J. scooped her up and drove her immediately to the emergency vet. They agreed that she didn't look good, started an IV, and drew a lot of blood and other tests.

Now the good news is that there was nothing obviously wrong... no injuries, no masses, no questionable items lurking inside her intestines (she is a lab, you know, the goats of the dog world). Yet she was running an extremely high fever and was very anemic. The poor thing felt really, really miserable.

Over the course of the weekend, they started her on various antibiotics as well as anti-nausea medicines. By yesterday afternoon, she was looking a little better and by yesterday evening she was looking much better and started to eat and drink a bit. Definitely well enough for J. to go and bring her home.

She was soooo glad to be home. And we were so happy to see the happy lappy licky dog looking a bit more like her bouncy self. She continues to look as though she is improving, though we kept the vet appointment this morning where they took more blood to see if they can narrow down exactly what was wrong with her. In the meantime, she has four different medicines that are on four completely different dosage schedules. It is very complicated and I'm going to have to make an actual chart of what medicine to give at what time.

I'm hoping she is now really on the mend. It would have been more than we could imagine to lose two pets in one month. But I'm really done with vets for a while.

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