Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Street signs

Yesterday was H.'s day to come with me to the grocery store. On the way there, I hear her saying something out loud. It sounded like, "Ssss.... tttt.... oooo... p. St... ooo... p. Stop. The red sign says, 'Stop'!" I agree that it says stop and tell her she did a good job of reading. At another stoplight, I hear her sounding words out again and she reads, "Park in rear." We had to talk a little about what that meant, but she read it.

I have taught 6 children to read and am on numbers 7 through 10. I have learned that the moment when the child becomes aware of the printed world which surrounds them, and believes that they can actually read the words in that printed world, that we are one significant step closer to that child actually reading.

I have no idea what H.'s future holds for her, but this is a very encouraging sign.


maria matthias said...

That moment when it clicks is one of my happiest memories with each of my children. Glad to hear your wonderful news.

To China and Back said...

It is wonderful!

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