Monday, November 09, 2015


M. messaged me the other day and said, "So, if you're ever needing something blog to about, you could share my tumbler page." Hint, hint.

Well, I think today qualifies so here it is: Flying Tadpole Creations. Be sure to look at the video of the bird mask with the hinged jaw that she just made. This is what she does when, for the first time in weeks, she is home without a deadline for a show opening hanging over her head.

And since we're sharing, you could also read my newest article at, 3 Ways to Help Kids from Hard Places Succeed in a Homeschool Setting. You could even share it... and then my little tiny paycheck would be a little less tiny. Thanks.

1 comment:

To China and Back said...

Super cool art. Love the dinosaur mask children would love to see even more.

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