Monday, November 23, 2015

Boy, this makes me uncomfortable

If you know me in real life, then you know I really do not care to be the center of attention. You also may know that watching myself on video is something I just don't do. My children's choir appeared on TV one year and I had to be part of an interview that was part of it. To this day I still have not watched it. I just can't. This is all to preface the extreme level of discomfort I have in the rest of this post. The only thing that is allowing me to push past my reticence is a need to bring my daughter home.

As you know, R. has a grant that is paying for her adoption. Since we were already able to get to China, it has allowed us to bring Y. home as well. God is good, and every time we have needed to come up with funds for the next set of expenses, money has been there. (Thank you to my dear friends. You know who you are.) Since we should be hearing that we have Travel Approval some time in early December, and plan on travelling in January, I need to be honest. There are still some expenses we have coming up that R.'s grant are not going to cover. People always seem to want real numbers. Well, when I add up the needed orphanage donations, visa/medical processing fees, passport fees, and travel fees, the number I reach is about $7000. It is not an insignificant chunk of change. We would also love to be able to take P. with us. We have found that having another child is extremely helpful for the new child, plus, if both girls are having a hard time, then we also have another set of hands to help with things such as luggage. Adding her to our trip would mean adding all of her airfare... US to China, three internal flights, and a flight home.

I will practice my slow and calm breathing now. We have managed three other adoptions and it has worked so far, I have to remember that.

The other thing that has been going on around here for the past year or so, and that I haven't mentioned, is that a film maker has been working on a film that involves us. (Cue more uncomfortableness on my part.) It feels a little weird, but I was also interested in showing that we are just a regular family. What we do is nothing all that special. Adoption is a feasible option.

So, with that very long prelude... here is the trailer our film maker friend made and gave us permission to use for fundraising purposes. To watch it, you'll need to type in the password: CURRY (Yes, case sensitive.)

If you feel led to donate some money (you cannot see my grimacing face as I type that), please contact me through the blog email (ordinarytimeblog (at) gmail (dot) com). We have worked out an avenue for receiving a tax deduction and I can give you the specific information. And do feel free to share this with others. (Grimacing again.)

Thanks for putting up with all of this. Here are the reasons I am putting you (and me) through this.




Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

As a fellow mom of 10 (only 8 at home) I laughed out loud when you said matter of factly, "Chaos ensues." I can so relate. :) I'd love to donate. Let me show your vid to my dh and see what he says.

SandwichinWi said...

The film looks wonderful!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

susan said...

Would love to help bring your daughters home. Let me know how. The video is awesome.

thecurryseven said...


If you send me an email at ordinarytimeblog at gmail dot com, I'd be happy to send you all the details. I've been asked not to put the information on a public site.


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