Some H. birthday photos

We celebrated H.'s birthday last night.

With  three away and unable to join us last night, the party looked a little small.

Waiting for cake

When I asked H. about her birthday dessert, she was insistent upon a cake with flowers. So, in a rare birthday move, I bought a cake knowing exactly what kind of flowers she was talking about.

TM and D. put some trick relighting candles on the cake. It took a little bit before H. realized they kept relighting.

Waiting to open presents

A craft set

TM, K., G., and L.

Grammy and Grandpa sent a fancy party dress that twirls. The twirling aspect is extremely important.

Moon and Midnight joined us. They tend to follow P. around like dogs. Gretel started out at the party, but she was disinvited when she wouldn't stop bouncing and barking. 


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