Shopping with Boys 2

I love my boys. Boys are wonderful. Little boys are really easy to dress as they tend to be content with some jeans, t-shirts, and the few dress clothes their mothers insist on adding to their wardrobe.

And then they grow. Sometimes overnight. Suddenly, those little boys turn into great, big boys with feet the size of small boats. They also start to develop opinions as to what they put on and are no longer quite so content to just randomly pull out whatever is at the top of the drawer top of the pile on the floor and put it on.

None of this would be so bad if there was such a thing as hand-me-downs for great, big boys. It also wouldn't be so bad if the clothes still cost the same as it did when the great, big boys were little. Instead, one day you wake up and discover that your cute little boys have become great, big boys, wearing men's sizes, and they have nothing in their wardrobe which fits, especially as the weather is getting colder.

That is why I have spent the entire afternoon shopping with two boys in tow... for clothes and shoes. It is really not my preferred way to spend time, but it had to be done.

What did we end up with?

2 new pairs of men's size sneakers
1 new pair of men's size dress shoes
2 pairs new boots for G. and L.

8 pairs of jeans/dress pants/ corduroys - men's sizes
1 button down shirt
And since I was at the thrift store, I also found,
2 skirts for me
1 dress for me
1 shirt for me
2 sweaters for me

Lastly, because TM really does not care for much cold weather clothing, I found a new, heavy zip-front hoodie that he likes and will wear. (This was a particular success.)

What I did not find were dress shoes for K. Evidently, little boys do not need to wear shoes any longer because not a single store was selling them. I came home and found a pair online that were a decent price.

I think I did pretty well, price-wise, but it was still a fairly hefty amount all totaled up. How much would you expect that I paid? (I'm hoping that your totals will make me feel a bit better, so if you want to guess on the high side, go ahead.)


Carla said…
I can't hazard a guess on the new shoes/boots as I haven't bought any of those in a while.

As for thrift store prices, here in western lower Michigan, it would be $5 each for the men's pants, women's skirt and dress and $4 each for the sweaters. I think they have their shirts $3, but I'm not sure on that, so I'd guess $4 to be safe. That brings my thrift store total to $69 (plus tax - and probably the 8 other non-clothing items that I found to come home with me.)
thecurryseven said…
These were close to the thrift store prices we used to enjoy. But sadly, prices here have gone up by about 25%... and it's still the cheapest thing around.


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