I'm giving a yell and that rhymes with 'L' and that stands for....*

L O A!

Remember, LOA is the acronym for Letter of Acceptance, the official document giving a family permission to adopt a specific child.

We received ours yesterday for both girls. Well, technically, it is the 'soft' LOA, because the hard copy still needs to arrive at our agency, but it is on its way. We have official permission to adopt




This weekend I will be working on immigration paperwork for both of them. (The next step is to apply for each girls' individual visas so they enter the US.) I will also be making photo books to send to them because now that this adoption is a sure thing, they can know about us and that we are going to be their family. Not a bad to-do list for the weekend, huh?

*I'm afraid you'll have to get used to The Music Man references, in not too long, it will start to take over our life.


Alex and Riann said…
Whoo hoo!! We are now waiting on our LOA and are so very happy to be right behind you in your journey! So very excited as your girls find out about their new family...
Ann said…
yea and hurray! So happy for you!

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