A bullet point kind of a day

Mainly because it is easier to write short, unrelated comments rather than trying to force my brain into something coherent.

  • The brain space was already used up on the article I (finally) finished... a mere four days late.
  • D. has already revised the beginning of the story I shared and it is significantly improved. He is thinking doing NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month) in November might be something he wants to try his hand at.
  • I took my iPod in today to see if it could be fixed and, sadly, it is down for the count. Do not expect any photos on the blog in the near future.
  • The dog and the cats have made brief acquaintances. At least Gretel has stopped the perpetual whining outside P's door. The few times we've let them socialize, Moon just sits and stares at the dog. It's as if he is the dog hypnotist. He stares and Gretel just stares back, transfixed. Midnight, on the other hand, runs which Gretel interprets as, "Hey, I'm going to play your favorite game. Come and chase me!" and they're off. Moon just stares at the two of them. Moon is very good at staring.
  • The CCCWA (the government body that handles all the adoption stuff in China) is on vacation for five days. Five loooong days. We are on day 31 of waiting for our Letters of Acceptance. We should be hearing something soon. I hope. But not until after vacation. I've noticed a significant decline in my refreshing of my email as a result.
  • When you take a field trip in the middle of the week it is difficult to get back into your schedule the next day.
  • H. has begun the daily countdown to her birthday. Only 13 more days to go. 
  • The middle of the upstairs hallway has been an obstacle course for the past several days. Using blocks from the third floor, the three little people have created a raised platform that is Pandy's house. (Pandy is G.'s favorite stuffed animal.) Pandy has a bed and toys and food. Pandy has to get tucked into his bed in his house every night. J. and I avoid that part of the hallway in the dark as it has suddenly become a deathtrap. As long as Pandy gets a good night's sleep...
  • I cannot cook for just 9 people anymore. Some of these nine are lighter eaters and I keep ending up with masses of leftovers. I had almost forgotten what a leftover was. I think I'm reducing the amount, but I'm not. I may forever only be able to cook for 12 - 15 people.
  • I still have to do something with all these apples. I have clearly lost my canning motivation.
Fascinating stuff, huh? 


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