Monday, September 28, 2015

Well, at least the day is almost over

It's been one of those days. One of those days where you find yourself saying, "I can always pick up the phone and enroll you in school."

Yep, bad days and disregulated children and a disregulated mother happen here, too. There were more than a couple moments which were not my finest. Some children were uncooperative. Some children were recovering from a very big weekend of canoe camping and were more than a little scattered. Another child's complete and total memory function seemed to go offline for the morning. I hate getting behind in my schedule, but since there was an open neurology appointment today I took it. It turns out it was a good thing to be able to cut the schoolwork short this morning. It was truly going no where. Well, no where good, that's for sure.

The neurology appointment went fine. H. is due for another EEG. This means the night before she has it, we get to make sure she is good and exhausted from little sleep the night before so she will fall asleep during the test. And in order for her stay up, a parent needs to stay up as well. In the great scheme of medical tests, this is pretty easy. I just don't enjoy the lack sleep part, though.

Once the doctor has the EEG results, we'll discuss which medicine to try next. Also not my favorite activity.

So now, people are doing some picking up in the house. I've been to the grocery store and D. helped me put the grocery's away. We're about to start fixing dinner, and then I can put all these people to bed. I'm not sure the article I'm supposed to write and turn in is going to happen tonight, but I have time tomorrow. I've decided I'm going to blame all the wonky behavior on the moon.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day and a chance for a fresh start.

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