Nearly finished

My whirlwind, last minute, obsessive bout of school planning is nearly done. Once it is, and I've caught up with everything I've been neglecting, I'm going to update my homeschooling page. It is woefully out of date and I know some of you may be interested in what we are studying this year and what resources we will be using. (And by putting it all there, I will spare the rest of you tedious information that you really don't care about.) I'll let you know when it is done.

And I do have a lot of resources to list. Here is the stack of books (minus a few yet to arrive from the library and the regular texts that everyone uses for math and English) that made the cut.

When D. saw the pile of books we would be reading this year, he was a little concerned. His first question was, "Do you think we have enough?" Yep, that's my boy.

To show you the number of books I've slogged through over the past week or so, here is the stack that didn't make the cut and will be going back to the library today.

Now, to put all of this away, put the finishing touches on each child's printed schedule, and make a couple learning activities and quiet time bags.

Almost done...


Shonya said…
And that's just the planning--not the actual teaching/facilitating of learning.


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