Happy Not-Back-to-School Day

We didn't start school today, we took a field trip. It's what we always do. You can't beat going to a nearly empty museum when you are guaranteed that there will be no school buses pulling up in front. Today we went to the Field Museum and started out seeing the special Viking exhibit which is due to close soon. It was interesting and the older people enjoyed it, though it didn't really hold the little girls' attention. I ended up taking them through the Egyptian pyramid (again) because that is their favorite thing to see.

We started a little late this morning, so after the Vikings, we headed out to the car to have a picnic lunch before heading back in. Our friends the H-S family joined us and we started out having a nice picnic with a view of the Chicago skyline and the museum campus. It was lovely... until it wasn't. Rain had been forecast, but we were hoping it would hold off until we were done. Well, it started to drip, and then it started to rain a little harder and the sky was getting extremely dark, so we decided to gather up our stuff and all pile in our van. It's a good thing we did, too. Not so very long after our retreat, the sky opened up and it poured with some significant thunder and lightening. By the time the rain let up a bit, we decided that we didn't really feel like walking through the rain to go back to the museum and called it a day. Of course, our children are now having a play date since we cheated them out of a full day of socializing. And I certainly have things to do around here, including pickling some cherry tomatoes before they go bad.

Instead of showing you pictures of children enjoying a museum, I will share pictures of children crammed in a van eating lunch while it pours outside.

And what the weather looked like outside. This was after the worst of the storm had passed over. It was so dark all the street lights had gone on.

Tomorrow the real work starts. Any bets on how many I lose to tears before the day is through?
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