A better day

Today was better. Much better. Phew.

Today I also had only one thing that had to be done and was gone for just 30 minutes. I realized it has been a long time since this has happened, and I realized how much I need time just to be at home. I was able to do little things, such as clean the kitchen before it was time to cook dinner. I was also able to just sit for a few minutes.

Of course this sitting was the best possible sitting. G., L., and K. were playing quite nicely and had brought down all the play food to the kitchen. As I'm sitting with my feet up, I'm realizing that an entire restaurant has been created around me and that I have three hovering waiters waiting to fulfill my every whim. I was served ice cream, cupcakes, grape wine, more ice cream, broccoli, fish, more cupcakes, more ice cream, and at the end, fish with ice cream. That was K.'s contribution. When his little sisters found out what he had served his mother, they fired him from their restaurant. He then commented that he wished he had his own play food, not appreciating his sudden lack of employment.

My message to you today? Don't be like me and take too long to remember what we're really doing here, raising our children. My children felt as though they had my undivided attention (which they did), even amidst the chaos of stuff strewn around us, as we hadn't yet picked up for the day. I was just enjoying my children, not telling them to do (or not to do) something. It left us all refreshed and calm and happy.

Plus, how else can you eat approximately a gallon of ice cream, a dozen cupcakes, an ice cream sundae, multiple glasses of wine, plus some fish and broccoli? L. did warn me, a little after the fact, that, "If you eat too many sweets, then you will get a stomach ache. That happened to me."

So just go sit and play. The other things can wait.


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