Pictures of kittens... or a surprise 50th anniversary party

Our event that I mentioned on Friday was actually a surprise 50th anniversary party for my parents. My dad was in on the secret, but my mom had no idea. My brother and sister-in-law hatched the plan early in the summer and when my parents were here visiting us, we had a small decoy party for them. Little did my mom know that the real party was yet to come. 

Saturday morning we all piled in the van at 7 am and headed off to Iowa. My parents had arrived the day before to visit my brother and were already there. My mom was out with my sister-in-law and niece when we arrived, so we were there when they returned. Now, my mother is very difficult to surprise, but surprise her we did. She was thrilled to have her children and 11 of her 13 grandchildren all together. (M. and my brother's oldest couldn't be there.) 

We had a nice time together and my children loved every second of being on the farm. Some photos.

Here you will start to see a theme running through the pictures... Kittens! There were kittens in the barn and life was good for a few girls.


G. and L.

The cake

G., who loved the kittens 



G.'s feet which were following kittens when she wasn't holding them

H. loved the kittens just as much as G.

Cutting the cake

H. discovered how to play with the kittens with a piece of hay

two of the five kittens


G. (We also picked some apples off their trees)

My parents


P., who has wanted a cat for years

L. and H H-S who also came with us

It was a good weekend and good to surprise my mom. Now to deal with the aftermath of too many weekends away.


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