Friday, August 28, 2015

Moving In

Today was move-in day for freshmen and so we piled into the van along with all of A.'s stuff (which wasn't a whole lot) and took her to school. We will miss her a lot, but she is oh, so ready for this next new adventure.

Her dorm

Unloading the van

Does she look a little excited?

With all the stuff piled in the little, bitty room, before any organizing or sorting took place.

B. with L., G., and K. standing in the hallway. (No room inside the room for everyone.)

Bunking the beds. (B. is handy to have around and M. is on the other side, you just can't see her.)


Really, they knew each other before this. (Both also have parents who teach at the university.)


The requisite family picture. We're missing M. She stopped by a couple of times to see the progress, but had to go back to work before we organized a picture. (It's really handy when you're entire family all works at or attends the same university.)

This is what the room looked like when we left to feed the masses. I'm sure it is all organized by now. Some of us will be returning for the new student family dinner this evening.

It seems a bit odd to have a third child entering college. It will take a while for everyone to sort themselves out a bit to fill in the void that our energetic, bouncy, and funny A. will leave while she is gone. 


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