This could very well be the last post about obsessive/compulsive canning

And why is that? Because I have been told that Gov. Rauner is scheduled to sign HB 3079 into law tomorrow afternoon. There are no words to describe what a relief this is to us, and it is very good news for all families in Illinois. I start to tear up every time I think about it. I feel as though I can breath again, which is something I haven't felt able to do well for the past seven months or so.

I did promise a post about canning, though. I have the last of the six gallons of cherries in the canner, and for my own future reference, here is what six gallons of cherries produces:

7 pints of cherry jam
8 quarts of cherry pie filling
3 cups of dried cherries
2 1/2 pints of cocktail cherries (cherries that are brined and then preserved in a combination of sugar and maraschino liqueur)
1 pint of cherry/maraschino liqueur that was leftover from the cocktail cherries and seemed to precious to just throw out, so I canned it. I figure it will make a great marinade on a pork tenderloin, or something similar.
1 cherry crisp
and I may have eaten a full pint of cherries as I was doing all of this canning

For future reference, six gallons was just about right for amount, though if I had had another one or two gallons, I would have canned just straight cherries because they are useful things to have on hand.

So, I'm done with the cherries. There are still blueberries and peaches and apples to come in, plus all the assorted vegetables I like to have on hand, but I think this can just go back to being a normal, non-blog-worthy part of my life again. The weight lifted from my shoulders and my mind is palpable.


Kris said…
So thankful!
Alex and Riann said…
So grateful for this adoption news!!
Ann said…
Wow! I could hardly believe my eyes. It gives me new hope in the humanity of government figures opposed to adoption.
Rebecca G. said…
Great news. Very happy for you. But I do love vicariously canning with you... :) Surely you must have people working with you to do it? I tried it one year with tomatoes ALL BY MYSELF. I decided canning was more like making tamales or dumplings - something you gotta' do together. Never canned since.

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