A belated Happy Fourth of July

My parents came into town on Thursday night and we've been busy doing things ever since.

We went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and walked around an art fair. There were lots of pretty things, though this is what really interested my children.

We saw some plants.

We had a laughably bad family picture taken.

And my parents bought me a gorgeous mug to drink my tea from. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

We went to the farmer's market where much fruit was bought for, you guessed it, more canning.

That would be a 1/2 flat of red currants and a 1/2 flat of apricots

We went to a parade.

(These boys ended up having fun, I promise.)

A. had to work the parade, though.

We had a party with friends.

People went to the fireworks.

I started making red currant jelly and apricot jam, crushed my dehydrated celery for celery flakes (yes, it worked), made another batch of lemon cordial, and dehydrated candied lemon peel.

Today we went and took my parents around North Park University. They had never seen it, despite all these years of J. working there and many grandchildren attending.

Still no news on HB 3079 being signed our our home study getting approved.

Time for me to move onto our next activity. I have more jam to make.


Katie said…
If I understand the Illinois Constitution correctly, a bill that the Governor doesn't sign or veto within 60 days automatically becomes law. So at least it can't be too much longer before that would happen. I think at the end of the month. Ideally he would just sign it now. :(

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