Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It's always something

I haven't been home much today. First, I repeated my trip downtown to certify and authenticate more documents. I should never assume that anything related to adoption will be easy. This time what should have been straight forward found me sprinting about the loop in search of notaries. The staff at the Secretary of State Index office are incredibly nice and helpful and helped me figure out a way around the problem and I was able to get this next set turned into the Consulate.

I made it home in time to have some lunch, read a story to a child, take care of some laundry, and head back out with H. We had a consultation with the person in the plastic surgeon's office who does the laser hair removal treatments. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but with the last tissue expansion, in order to get enough skin to go across the forehead, things got shifted all over H.'s head. The end result is that skin that was scalp is now on her forehead... and that skin has hair follicles. Lots of them and they grow thick, dark hair. It has felt like a two steps forward, one step back process. While the left side of her forehead is looking pretty good, the side that was good is now covered in hair. It doesn't make her happy, and I can't say I blame her. We've tried some depilatory, it is a less than ideal solution.

The treatment happens in six sessions, one time a month. It evidently works best on thick, dark hair, so H. is an ideal candidate for the process. Even better is that it is in our plastic surgeon's office. The bad news? (I bet some of you have guessed already.) Well, it is considered a cosmetic treatment and won't be covered by insurance. That's right, even though she needed to have the nevus sebaceous removed for medical reasons, and that in the process of doing the medically indicated surgery, she now has hair growing where no person would want hair growing, it is now a cosmetic issue and we're on our own. You don't need me to tell you what I think about this, do you?

We're all scheduled and she'll start in July and be all done by Christmas. What a nice Christmas present that will be for her.

In other 'it's always something news'.

  • J. needs to take the small car back the repair place because even though the brakes were just repaired, the dashboard lights still come on screaming, "STOP! STOP! STOP! BREAKS NOT WORKING?" I hope someone just forgot to tell the computer the brakes were fixed. 
  • Our garage renter will no longer be renting our garage and we need to find a new renter... because I really want the money. If you're in our immediate area and know someone who needs/wants to rent a garage space, send them my way, please.
  • Despite my best efforts, I still don't have a full piano studio. Once again, if you know of someone looking, send them my way.
But you know what? Despite all of this (and the things I haven't mentioned for fear of verging into whining territory), life is good. We are blessed beyond measure and love our crazy family and our crazy life. My days are full... of purpose, of love, of hilarity, of joy. Not everyone can say that. 

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