Monday, May 18, 2015

Thinking unhappy thoughts about my camera battery

Last Saturday was A.'s graduation party. It went quite well and I think A. had a good time. Many of her friends were able to come which is no small feat given that it was a Saturday in May. That would be the month where everyone has a possible 10 activities on every weekend.

I took some pictures of the parts of the yard that we worked on.

One side of the front porch. It helps that the tree and bushes we planted a couple of years ago seem to have outgrown their stick phase and are starting to look more like real plants.

The vegetable garden

Of course, the part we have worked on is a very small portion of a much neglected yard. Here is a glimpse into the backyard which still needs hours and hours of work to make it look cared for.

So I took these pictures and my camera battery died. That's OK. I told the girls who were hanging out together that I would be back to take their picture. I go inside, switch batteries with the one that was charged and head outside. I start to take a picture of A. and some of her friends to discover that the battery I just put in has completely died and will not hold a charge.

No camera batter = No pictures of the rest of the party

It was very nice. There was lots of food, lots of little children playing, lots of adults visiting, and a whole gaggle of high schoolers hanging out. When I asked A. this morning if she or her friends had taken any pictures (because their phones/iPods/whatevers are constantly attached to them) she looked at me and informed me she was visiting and wasn't going to spend time taking pictures of the visiting.

Touche. I suppose I can't complain because I do remind my children not to view their lives through their electronic devices.

Instead you'll just have to imagine a lovely party with lovely weather. It's hard to believe we are now the parents of a third high school graduate.

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