Monday, May 04, 2015

It's springtime and the locusts have descended

At least that is what it feels like to keep these children fed.

There is something about the combination of nice weather for the first time in months and spring growth spurts that makes for ravenous children. I buy groceries... what was a sufficient amount for the slower, indoor winter months... and two days later the locusts have eaten just about all of it and complaining that there is "nothing to eat." (Don't feel too badly for them, this doesn't mean that the cupboard is empty, just that their preferred food of choice is no longer around.) This is what comes of children who are doing a lot more playing outside in the fresh air. Two breakfasts, a mid-morning snack (fruit or graham cracker with peanut butter or today it was leftover popcorn), lunch, two mid-afternoon snacks (same choices), and dinner, with people have up to thirds and fourths.

Of course, correlated to the larger appetites, are the growth spurts. The five year olds are growing, the 9 year old is growing, and of course nothing can compare to the growing 11 and 12 year olds do. Sometimes I look at TM before bedtime and when I look at him again in the morning, I swear he has grown another half an inch. He is now officially taller than I am and D. is not far behind. And everyone's pants are too short and I am fearful their shoes are growing too small. I do wish they would spread out their growth spurts a bit so that the accompanying need for new pants and shoes was also spread out.

(As I write this, TM and D. have just whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and, the recipe having only made 4 dozen or so, are complaining that is doesn't make very much. I hope there will still be some left for dessert tonight after everyone has had a chance to try one.)

Does anyone else experience this spring growth spurt and eating fest?
Don't forget that today is the last day to contact the senators who will be hearing the adoption reform bill tomorrow. Here's another article about it: Adoption Reform Bill Seeks to Streamline Adoption in Illinois

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