A good adoption news day

First, if you haven't already heard, HB 3079, the adoption reform bill, unanimously passed in the IL Senate this afternoon!  Hip Hip Hooray!! The last step is for the governor to sign it. As soon as it is signed, it will become law and IL families will no longer have to have DCFS approval for their intercountry adoption home studies. This has been a pipe dream for so long, I am having a little trouble really believing that it is happening. I have one last request for all of you. Please call Gov. Rauner's office and urge him to sign the bill as soon as it arrives on his desk. Here is the link to either call or email his office.

The other piece of adoption news for us today is that we unexpectedly received new photos and five, count them FIVE, new videos of Y. today. We now have video of her walking and jumping and cutting and putting on a sweatshirt and coloring and making her bed and working in the kitchen. It's pretty amazing and her skills have come a long way from the last videos we have of her. It says a lot for her care center that they would take the time to send us these videos and ones that cover such a lot of territory. We are truly thankful. I don't feel comfortable publicly sharing the videos, but I'll share one of the new pictures... this is from yesterday.

Now, go and call the governor and I'll go and enjoy the sun that is finally making an appearance.


Congratulations! Both on your political victory, and on new pics/vids! I know how exciting it is to get another glimpse of your child while waiting. Sounds like those videos give you quite a bit more than a glimpse! :)

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