Monday, April 27, 2015

Too nice to be inside

Remember to write the senators on the committee who will be hearing HB 3079 next week. This is our chance to do something about IL very broken adoption system. Everyone needs to call and to write.

We are finally seeing the weather warm back up which is lovely. Well, lovely except for the fact that J. and I walked around outside yesterday and realized the amount of work we need to do on our yard. They're funny things, yards. If you ignore them they don't seem to keep themselves up and insist upon going to wrack an ruin. Normally we're OK with this state of things when it's just us. (Well, OK enough that we aren't compelled to do something about it... we complain enough about the state of our amongst ourselves.) But when there is other people involved, it becomes a different story. We're hosting two parties in the next two months here and we will be using the back yard. One of these parties is a large wedding rehearsal dinner and I just don't want shoddy to be the overall theme. Therefore, the yard must be taken in hand.

So, in my usual way of dealing with things, I have compulsively begun to garden, the entertaining version of cramming for an exam. If the writing seems sparse, you can be guaranteed that it's because I'm outside trying to tame the weeds and make it look like people actually live here.

Anyone got some nice perennials they'd like to donate? (I'm full up on hostas and daylillies... they are about the only things I can grow.) Or anyone have a deep abiding need to remove ugly trees just because they are a blight on the landscape?

Yes, yes, I know we don't need to remove ugly trees just for a party, after all I've lived with the ugly trees for 15 years... but this might just be the excuse I need to finally do something about them.

I promise pictures when the yard is all dolled up and ready for the party. I should probably take some before photos just so you can appreciate the transformation. I hope there's a transformation...

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