Saturday, April 11, 2015

For connoisseurs of extreme heat

Number of days we've lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 60

TM loves hot sauce. Really, really loves it. It is the rare spicy item that is too hot for him. We even travel with hot sauce because he often worries that where ever we are going won't have the appropriate level of heat. TM has been overjoyed to discover the entire shelf in our grocery store devoted to habanero hot sauces. He has been working his way through the vast variety of different types at about a bottle every two weeks. (He puts it on nearly everything.)

So, when I was at the store a week ago I picked him up a new one since I knew he was out. This is the one I picked.

It seems like a good choice, huh? Notice it specifically says not to play tricks on the weak and elderly.

TM seems pleased with my choice. I sit down to check email and I hear him opening it up to try some of it. The next thing I hear are rather panicked sounds and the words, "Wow! That's hot!" (Or something to that effect.) He also says that he doesn't think he can eat it. This is a rare occurrence in our house. I go back to my email and am aware that things are going on behind me. Suddenly I hear a scream from another part of the house and then see A. come dashing through the kitchen in search of something... anything... to cut the heat.

So I guess when the warning label says not to play tricks on the weak and elderly, that it is tacit permission to play tricks on your older sister. In TM's defense, there are very few of us in the house who will take him up on his offer of, "Try this... it's not hot." We know our boy. It's just not a challenge to be accepted. A., though, is never one to back down from a challenge and for some reason decided to believe her brother when he insisted it wasn't hot. I'm pretty sure she won't be falling for that trick again any time soon.


Alice Curry said...

For the record.. He does come to me a lot with hot sauce that really isn't that hot. I am not weak or elderly. He just knows I won't burst into tears.

Erika said...

Sounds like TM needs to become familiar with the scoville scale. It is a sort of hot sauce heat rating. My hubby loves hot sauce, but once you get to a certain point on the scale, you use only the tiniest drop of the sauce and mix it into your food (otherwise you may end up with a chemical burn in your mouth!!)

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