Look who came home with me

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 32

Today's list of accomplishments:

  1. Made the week's menu and did the week's grocery shopping
  2. Made dinner
  3. Drove to Iowa and back
  4. Served dinner to 9 people
But it's all fun and worth it because I get to spend a long weekend with two of my nieces.

That's A. and P. in the middle and my nieces on the ends

Does the photo seem a bit odd to you (as far as how they are sitting)? That's because these silly girls got it in their heads that they needed to recreate a photo of them from 2006.

I told them to stop growing up, but do they listen?


Kristin Mueller said…
Such a great picture! And the twins really look like A in this picture! :)

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