Monday, March 09, 2015

Hat Party

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 28

This is what happens when you are gone all afternoon with a child at a doctor's appointment and you leave the littles with a big sister. 

A. was cleaning her room in anticipation of cousins visiting later this week and the littles were 'helping'. Actually, life is more of a party sometimes with A., so they decided it was a hat party. These are just of a few of the dozens of pictures A. took of her little models wearing their big sister's hat collection.




It wasn't all fun and games... the room looks really good.

And under the category of complete randomness and not all fun and games, P. wanted to show off her bruise. This is the side of her right thigh and you can see the red scrape surrounded by the the lovely yellow color. She got this bruise when she fell of the horse at her riding lesson last week. It was her first fall and aside from the bruise and having the wind knocked out of her a bit, she is fine. And yes, she did get right back on that horse. I think she sees it as a badge of honor and a necessary part of becoming an accomplished rider.

I also have another article published: Homeschooling the Difficult Child

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Dede said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading a few of your posts today. I hope to come back soon and read more and get acquainted! I also plan to follow via blogger. Blessings!

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