Grumble, grumble

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 38

That number alone should tell you why I feel like grumbling. Do you realize that if we lived in another state we could have already received our immigration approval and I could be taking the train downtown and getting everything notarized and authenticated? That we could be expecting our dossier to be logged-in to the system in the next couple of weeks and could possible be travelling to bring our daughter home in September?

But we're not. And I have no idea at all what kind of time frame we are actually looking at. In some ways the unknowns are the worst, though I'm not sure I would really want to know if we have six more weeks to wait for our homestudy to be approved.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

So that combined with the fact that the past two weeks have been very busy with not a lot of margin, means that I'm running on empty which is never good. It means I have no reserves to practice patience with the system (or anyone, really). I think the rest of the month is looking a little more calm and I can catch-up on things around the house and be able to do the things which help me recharge.

I really don't do well when we are too busy, though sometimes it just can't be helped. I also don't see why our society views busyness as a badge of honor... as if having free time or doing things that relax you and that you enjoy means you aren't pulling your weight. If everyone were to cut out the 'too much' from their schedule, the world might just be a kinder, more pleasant place to live in. I know I'm kinder and more pleasant when I have margin in my life.
I have a new article published:  Calling the Therapist And don't forget to keep sharing about Illinois: You Live in Illinois and Want to Adopt? My Condolences


Anonymous said…
Right on with your comment about our society seeing "busyness" as a "badge of honor" being "busy" somehow makes you more worthwhile or valuable.

I'm old now, but when our 2 children were young, I refused to get "caught up" in that trap.
My handicapped son grew up to be a good person and my daughter had the freedom to use and grow in the talents she developed with her free spirit.
Thank you for reminding people to step back and take a long look at
"busyness"...give yourself permission to enjoy "unscheduled" life..

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