Yes, in fact, she does have two parents

I'm not well and I'm grumpy. I even cancelled my piano lessons for tomorrow which lets you know how yucky I feel. Perhaps that is why this ongoing problem we have with our children's custodial savings accounts is so irksome to me. And perhaps I wouldn't write this post on another day... but it's been a long week.

I usually like our bank just fine. It's local and we've had good service. Really there are no complaints. Well, that is until J. tried to take one of our children to the bank because the child wanted to withdraw some of their money from their savings account. I was the one who took various children to open their savings accounts, so it is my name who is the parent listed on the account. Since J.'s name was not on the account, the child was not allowed to withdraw their money. It was a pain, but I can kind of see why this rule would be in place.

The obvious solution would be to have J. added on the account so that either parent could help the child at the bank. Perhaps it is too obvious, because that was not possible. You see, at First Bank and Trust of Evanston, one parent seems to be sufficient. More than sufficient because you are not allowed to list two parents on a child's account. Even if that child has two custodial parents.

I'll give you a moment to sit and let that sink in.

Both parents are not allowed to be on their own child's account... no exceptions... to have a part of a child's custodial account.

Yes, it's ridiculous. No, it's not helpful. Can you imagine the uproar if a child were required to have both parents on an account to access the funds? This is just as asinine. How difficult would it be to change the computer program to add one more parent information line? I can't believe it would take all that much effort.

It's almost a deal breaker for us at this point. This afternoon is not the first time that a child has not had access to their very own money because the bank only acknowledges the legality of one parent. We've complained, but no one seems to care that one family is upset. Have you had a bad week? Feel crotchety? Well, I've linked to their web page if nothing would make you feel better than to write an annoyed letter.

Maybe the nice author of this blog will be back tomorrow.


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