Lost time

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 5

A friend who started out as a virtual friend and became a real friend when we met in China has lost her son. He died last night after fighting RSV and a flesh-eating fungal infection. It is heartbreaking. He spent so much time waiting for a family and when he found one he blossomed and discovered love. Please pray for his family.

No one anticipates losing a child. It is not how the world is supposed to work. Yet, I know plenty of people who have lost children. It happens. The best thing I can do with the knowledge is to appreciate the moments I have with my children, because you just never know what is going to happen. We can't change the future, but we can embrace what we have before us and make very moment count.

Today it makes it even more difficult to know that the policies and lack of functioning in my state are causing us to lose time with our daughter. How can you make every moment count if you are still stuck waiting? 

I often think my life is a musical. (It would seem more like a musical if my chorus could sing on pitch and work on their dance numbers.) There is always a point in the musical where things seem to be going wrong and the main character has the sad song about being lonely or misunderstood or unhappy. This would be that moment for me. Imagine me singing, "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"** That's the worst, the not caring. At least it seems as though no one in positions of authority care one whit. That's the only conclusion I can come up with based on the fact that I have written many emails over the past couple months to my legislators and have heard nothing. 


I guess since children can't vote they don't matter.

I guess since adoptive families are notoriously low in disposable income and can't contribute to political campaigns we don't matter.

I guess since it affects such a small population of people, it just doesn't matter.

Meanwhile, my child and many other children sit, waiting for a Mommy and a Daddy. I would like to know which lawmaker wants to tell any one of them that it just wasn't important enough to do something to get them home faster. 

I'll let my mother know not to rush getting the Christmas stocking made.

**Bonus points if you can name the musical this line is from. I'll give you the answer tomorrow.


Donna said…
1776 - John Adams, as played by William Daniels... "Does anyone see what I see?"

Don't give up the fight, dear friend! It matters. She matters!

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