It's 2 degrees outside, what else to you have to do?

This post is really directed at anyone who happens to live near me. A. is in her final show with Thin Ice Theater this weekend (she will be graduating high school early) and is appearing as one of the Dromios in The Comedy of Errors. I took some children last night to the opening and it is a terrific show. Funny, well done, easily understood, funny, and has a terrific set (more on that in a minute). You should go see it.


I'll show you some pictures from it. (Now, I admit that the ones I've bothered to upload all have A. in them... there really are other people in the cast. If you want to see all 76 show photos, you can go to the Thin Ice Theater facebook page and take a look.)

Do you know the plot? It's a little silly. Two sets of twins were born, one set to a wealthy woman, one set to a poor woman. The poor woman's children (the Dromios) were given to the rich woman to be servants/companions to the rich boys (the Antipholuses) . As infants they were all involved in a shipwreck which separated them. One Antipholus and Dromio ended up in one country and the others plus their father ended up in another. No one knows any of the others are alive. One day, one of the Antipholus/Dromio pairs lands in a new city... but confusion ensues when everyone keeps mistaking them someone else. OK, it's a lot silly, but also a lot of fun.

You'll all come and see it now, right? Here are the details, you have two more chances.

The Comedy of Errors performed by Thin Ice Theater
Saturday, Jan. 10 at 7:30 and Sunday, Jan. 11 at 3:00
Elaine and Zollie Frank Theater, Mayer Kaplan JCC
5050 Church Street, Skokie
Tickets at the door: $12.00 adults and $10.00 students
Plenty of free parking

And not only will you get to see A., you'll also get to see the set that M. designed and built. Here is just a little of it... I don't have a full picture.

Plus, if you've never seen real, live high schooled homeschoolers in action, now's your chance. You can satisfy your curiosity as well.


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