Saturday, January 03, 2015

Inconvenient weather

I find the weather never quite cooperates. On the years when no snow-related gifts are under the tree, we have record breaking snowfalls. On the years when they are, there's nary a snowflake in sight. Such was the situation this year. After reading Winter Holiday this fall, the boys really, really wanted ice skates, and not just any ice skates. They wanted ice skates that bind on your foot over your boots. I had no idea if such things even existed anymore, but finally found some. They are called Nordic skates and they looked as though they were exactly what was wanted. There was great excitement on Christmas morning when they were opened (thank you Grammy and Grandpa!), except for one thing. We were having record breaking warm temperatures with no ice in sight. The city parks which are normally flooded to make outdoor ice rinks were still grass. It was terribly difficult to have a new gift and not be able to use them.

Yesterday, it was finally cold enough and our schedule free enough to try to the skates. J. took P., TM, and D. out to a Chicago city park and they skated. D.'s skates need to be adjusted a little bit more, so he found it a wee bit frustrating, but it was a relief (for all of us) that the boys finally got to use the skates.

P. and TM



P., D., and TM

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