A little more mask making

TM is highly influenced by M.'s art work. He sees her making something and immediately tries to do the same thing. It's not copying because what results is definitely his own style, but it is more like a private techniques class. M. has done a lot of masks using either milk jugs or cardboard and I think that is what inspired TM's most recent work.

It was actually very sweet. I was paying bills (which is not my most favorite activity) and TM entertained the three littles by making them each a mask. Of course, the second he was finished with them, the littles (OK, really L.) needed, needed, to paint them RIGHT THEN.

Here are the results (construction by TM, painting by each small child.) They are held on by heavy wire making a frame on the top and back.


K. (Because of the black paint it is kind of hard to see the mask details on this one.)

G.  (L. is holding it because G. wasn't feeling as though she wanted to wear it.)


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