Monday, December 29, 2014

When loving is hard

I have now officially spent more time in hospitals this month than I would ever want to. Yesterday, J. and I had to make the hard decision to get HG the help she desperately needed and we spent much of the day yesterday in crisis mode. We are so thankful for friends who drop everything at a moment's notice to come alongside of us to help. I have never been so thankful for them or for our extended church family who also came through in the pinch. Everyone felt so loved and supported as we all went about doing hard things. Please pray for HG and for the doctors who are helping her. She needs them. We have now entered a new phase of life... supporting someone we care very much about, but doing so more remotely... and have spent the day doing a lot of processing with the children. Never fear, we are all fine and we are so proud of our children for the way they handle crisis situations. This is also my explanation as to why blogging has been a bit spare in these past few days.

And to top everything off, we have our first social work visit for our home study this evening. We have been running around trying to control the post-holiday chaos and I have a stack of paperwork I need to attend to at some point. Poor H., though. We kept talking about why we were doing a cleaning-up and though we thought she understood we soon realized that she had gotten the impression that we were cleaning because Tina (yes, she still needs an initial) was coming. After we had finally communicated to her that this was just a helper coming to visit in order to bring Tina home, H. bursts into sobbing tears. She was heart-broken that Tina wasn't joining us today and kept sobbing, "I want Tina to come." It was so heart breaking... and so, so normal that it made me want to cry for happiness. Yes, parents of hurt children have odd things which make them happy.

So that's us for right now. Taking deep breaths... sorting out next steps to be done... and maintaining a sense of normalcy for the little people in our midst.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Are the HG kids still with you while mama is getting help?

thecurryseven said...

No, the children are at good friends of ours and who are also a Safe Family. Because of the details of the situation, we needed to keep all dealings with the children above board and we exceed capacity in our home to host children without a parent. The children know our friends very, very well and so the adjustment to the change has been relatively smooth.

Thanks for asking.


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