Practicing a little avoidance

I am writing today's post so that I can ignore that growing pile of papers sitting next to me just a little bit longer. No, this time it's not bills, though there is some money involved. This time (and for the next several months) the pile of paper which will accompany my every waking moment is adoption paperwork. Paperwork for the placement agency. Paperwork for the homestudy agency. Paperwork for the US government. And, of course, some of this involves medical check-ups for every single person in the family, so I get to add the joy of visiting more doctors on top of everything else. (Because I don't see them enough, you know.) I will just say right up front that I don't like it. While I do it because it is how we bring our daughter home, there is not one single aspect of it that I enjoy and it hangs heavy on my head while we are in process.

But it must be done. There are quite a few children in the background who want to what I have done to get Tina home. They are quite happy to let me work as long as it is for THE ADOPTION. When they speak of it, it does come out sounding like that, in capitalized italics. If you hadn't guessed, everyone is very excited. When we told the children what we were planning, there was a rousing cheer around the dining room table. I think there might have even been some jumping up and down. They don't feel as though there are too many children here.

It is interesting to watch some of them process what is going on. TM has commented about how much paperwork is involved and also commented that he knew I didn't like it. (That he noticed goes a long way to show you how much there really is.) It allowed me a moment to point out that his adoption (and K.'s and H.'s) required the same amount of paperwork and that while I didn't enjoy it, I did it to bring each of them home. I also pointed out I would do it again and again if I needed to in order to have them all here.

H. is noticing that there is a lot of work involved. She keeps asking when we will bring Tina home and why we can't get her right now. H. wants her home right now. She's been practicing spelling Tina's name, talks about where she will sleep, points out that clothes she has outgrown can be passed down. She's ready NOW. I am not working fast enough to do my part to bring this new sister home. I tell her that it will still be a while and don't quite have the heart to say exactly how long she will have to wait.

But now I've dithered enough. I must do this most recent stack or my children will start to point out my tardiness. They are hard task-masters.


Tanya said…
I am so glad you are able to give Tina a home. I am unfortunately one of those who would love to adopt but can't right now. And I am so glad that she and H will have each other and Tina is coming into a family who already knows her condition. When the time comes, I think it would be nice to adopt a child with the same GI condition as one of my children for the same reasons. You will be in my prayers!
susan said…
Beautiful hearts.

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