Monday, December 22, 2014

Don't Panic!

We're still here and we're all well. (Apologies to the people who were beginning to panic and worried something was terribly wrong because of the lack of posts.) Losing the first two weeks of December to medical drama combined with the usual busyness that happens as Christmas gets closer meant that blogging was one of the many things which fell to the wayside.

It's been fun, if a bit exhausting. Here's what we've been doing.

A very dear friend came over because she had a craft she wanted to do with everyone. They are little angel ornaments made out of pasta. They have been drying and are now ready to spray paint white.

There are very few times in my children's lives when adults have said to them, "Use more glue! More!"

That evening we did our annual Hannukah celebration with latkes, dreidles and chocolate coins.

Friday morning brought another doctor's appointment. This time a regular follow-up with the neurologist for H.

Friday afternoon was scheduled for making gingerbread houses.

Saturday morning was the last Christmas pageant rehearsal all morning.

In the evening we had invited friends over to sing Christmas carols together and eat cookies.

Sunday morning was church followed by a Christmas brunch at a friend's.

Later that day, we joined some other families from church to go caroling at the local retirement community.

And in between all of that I also did some laundry, taught some piano lessons, nearly finished sewing some gifts, and wrote a couple of articles. You now understand why blogging didn't make the cut. Even though my lists of things to do are not short, there is blessedly little on the calendar for between now and Christmas. I might be able to catch my breath.

One funny L. story about the caroling. For the past three weeks, L. has had it in her head that she wants to 'sing Christmas carols outside." She has tried and tried and tried to get her brothers and sisters to join her in the front yard to sing. No one would cooperate with her plans. But yesterday, we sang outside. She loved it. After every song she would look up at me and say, "I love singing outside. This is fun!" She dutifully carried her song book (though she can't read) and insisted that I find the correct page each time. Even though most other people were getting cold and a little tired at the end, I'm pretty sure she would have happily continued on for quite some time. It's so nice when a child's fantasy about what something will be like matches the actual event.

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