And so we bought some shoes

I would rather not have to repeat the events of this morning. The plastic surgeon tried to turn the port, but with no success. Lots of tears, but nothing else. There is also still fluid building up around the port. And the spot I noticed around one of her incisions that had started oozing over the weekend was also filling with fluid. It turns out that because of the rotten sebaceous skin that the scar tissue in that area was getting too thin and does not have any elasticity, so it was starting to tear. The result of all of this fun is that H. will now be going into the hospital on Friday to be sedated so the doctor can clean everything out, flip the port and see what's going on there, and take out the compromised skin... all in an effort to save these expanders, use them, and be done. She will have another drain in that will come out next week sometime, but certainly not before it stops filling.

All of this makes my weekend even crazier than it already was. D. is in a show all weekend. (You should go and see it if your weekend looks even remotely better than mine.) J. leaves on Sunday to go to Indiana because he has his comprehensive exams for his PhD on Monday (and is supposed to be preparing all week), plus there is some other stuff that I'll be able to share in a day or two that just adds to the nuttiness. At least it's not right before Christmas, right?

Which brings me to the shoes. A friend had told me that the children's shoe store that I love... a store that still fits children's shoes to their feet... was closing after over 50 years. It's terribly sad. They are having a going out of business sale, so I had made a mental note to get the children in who would need shoes soon, H. being one of them. So while in the throws of trying to comfort the weeping whimpering child, I decided that today would be an excellent to get her some new shoes. It was marginally distracting.

Afterwards we headed to the shoe store. I was surprised to discover that her feet haven't grown in a year and she fit the sneakers she is currently wearing. No one should have to go through what she had just gone through, so I bought her new sneakers anyway. She loves them. They are very bright and rainbow colored and they made her smile.


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