The next post will be after surgery

The best thing about having surgery on a Monday is that you get the hospital call as to what time to be there on Friday instead of the night before. It gives a person a little more time to plan. So, the details are: H.'s surgery is scheduled to begin at 8:45 which means we need to arrive at 7:15. Not too bad until you factor in the hospital is about 45 minutes away and we have to drop children at our (very good) friends' house first. I expect we will need to be leaving with everyone at 6:10 or so. Have I mentioned that we are not morning people?

I will be bringing my computer so I can update when we have news. I'm also bringing an outlandish collection of yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles. I'm a fidgeter, so knitting and crocheting is pretty much the perfect activity for hospital waiting rooms. Plus, I have several Christmas projects I need to get going on.

H. is doing pretty well with the whole thing, considering. Last night she was marching around the bathroom announcing with each step, "I don't like surgery! I don't want surgery! I won't have anymore surgery!" This is the first time she has really been able to express such negative emotion verbally, so that's good. It's not so fun to have to say no when she asks if this is her last one.

Your prayers are appreciated. I'll update when I can.

Oh, and one more thing. The little girl, Tina, who has the same syndrome as H.? She now has a $25,000 grant to go towards her adoption. This is such a significant sum, it could very well cover nearly her whole adoption. Was the cost of adopting the only thing holding you back? This grant makes that worry irrelevant.


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