Now, I know you have all read about the nurse fighting the quarantine order in Maine. It is a serious topic and the debate and tension between individual freedom and corporate responsibility is not one to take lightly. There is always a tension between what is good for the individual and what is good for society as a whole. I do not take these ideas lightly.

That said, am I the only person who hears '21-day quarantine' and thinks, "Who the heck doesn't go for that?"

Think about it. Twenty-one days where you cannot leave your home. That's twenty-one days of not having to drive to classes and doctor's appointments. Twenty-one days of not having to go to the grocery store. Twenty-one days of not having to run errands. Twenty-one days of not having to go to meetings. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Think of what I could do! My mental list of projects that I never get to is long. There are sewing projects, knitting and crochet projects, organizing projects, redecorating projects... the list is almost never ending. I'm also pretty sure I am well-stocked enough that I could make a huge dent in many of these without ever needing to leave my house to go get needed supplies.

And the reading... Even if I had no warning and couldn't stock up on books, I think I would still be OK. There are more than a few books on our shelves that I still need to read. For instance the multi-book historical fiction series by Dorothy Dunnett, The Lymond Chronicles. I've already read her House of Niccolo series and love it. The trouble is, I haven't been quite ready to devote the months it will take to one series. A twenty-one day quarantine would make a good start.

Food could be an issue, though I'm assuming that it could be delivered. If not, I'm pretty sure I have enough in my pantry and freezer to get through 21 days. It might not be terribly interesting at the end, but I wouldn't starve. I also wouldn't be putting on fancy dinner parties.

Truly, what's not to like about the whole quarantine-thing? Sign me up. I guess the next best thing to wish for is a blizzard causing us all to be housebound for a while.

(Here is the disclaimer that I know I need to write so that we can avoid any misunderstandings and unpleasantness. I am joking. OK, not joking about how much I would enjoy this, but joking that on some level Ebola, people dying, potential and actual epidemics, and curtailment of freedom is not serious. I know it is. You know it, too. But it does help to be able to laugh at things every now and again. Even [especially?] if they are not funny.)


c smith said…
We must think alike because I thought exactly the same thing, a 3 week vacation from life?, if it came without the risk of death I would be the first to sign up. Break quarantine, heck I would be faking a fever on day 21 to extend it a few more days.
sandwichinwi said…
Would the kids be quarantined, too??????
Alex and Riann said…
This makes me grin... Thank you, E!
Oh that does sound lovely!

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