Life is Beautiful

So the attitude reset is just about complete.

Clean(er) house. Check.
Bills paid. Check.
Desk cleaned off. Check.
Calendar updated. Check.
Morning run. Check.

The only think left to do was to create art with my children...
(We traced leaves onto watercolor paper, added color, and then added details with fine-tipped pens.)

K. (Can you tell he still has a tendency to turn all his watercolors black?)






E. (Everyone was pretty self-sufficient, so I had a chance to paint, too.)


while listening to this on endless repeat.

It's a good to remember to see the beauty all around you; to appreciate the blessings that you already have. It's good to remember not to let worry rob you of what you already have.


Kristin Mueller said…
I hadn't heard this song before--thanks so much for sharing! It's a great song to play on repeat. :)

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