Homeschooling woes... a set of haiku

This is for P., who is feeling a little behind.

The Tale of Genji
Over one thousand pages
Medieval Japan

Not often is read
A novel rarely opened
And then only half

My girl loves Japan
The desire to learn is strong
A class created

Lesson plans are made
Books and study guides arrive
There is excitement

The book grows longer
The prose is difficult and dry
Too many haiku

Time is growing short
The excitement grows short, too
But not the novel

I am proud of her
It is good to try to reach
Grow and stretch your mind

She is diligent
The schedule is left behind
But she keeps going


Rebecca G. said…
Ysobel got the Tale of Genji out of the library this fall and gave it a go. She didn't last too long and I think I ended up reading more than she did. I had a hard time, too. She couldn't get over the way they talked about women and promiscuity though! Not to mention, as you said, the haiku and dryness! :) P is impressive and my hat off to her!

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