Just a quick post for those of you not connected to me on facebook.

H. did very well with the surgery today. The surgeon placed two expanders, one in her forehead and one under her scalp, the same places as last time. He also removed the two nevi which ran from her eye down her cheek and jaw. Everything went well. After several hours of recovery she was awake enough to watch Frozen and have a pop-sickle and some juice. By 4pm, the nurses were making noises that she was doing well enough that we could go home, so we did.

The stitches in her cheek should start to dissolve within the week and the drains will probably come out in 7 to 10 days. The expanders will be in 12 weeks just like last time. So far, H. is not in any pain.

Thanks everyone for your prayers during the day, they are much appreciated.


Anonymous said…
Hurray! Thanks for this very good update!

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