Fun with Gomez... or what happens when Mom is busy

I've been working hard to get ready for Thanksgiving which leaves some smaller types with a little time on their hands. Since Mommy is preparing for the holiday, they thought they would, too. When filling the mini-muffin cup liners (which we had leftover from a project) with white glue to make "pies" to decorate the table lost its luster, they moved on to Gomez, our resident skeleton.

Notice the holiday decorations so he is already for Thanksgiving.

I bet you wish you had metal rings hanging from your rib cage.

Stickers, pipe cleaners and even a little decoration on the end of his tail bone.

He's decorated from top to toe.

Now, be forewarned the next picture is a little startling. M. had left some fake squishy eyeballs in my desk. (No, I don't know why. These things just seem to happen.) Well, the littles and not-so-littles decided that Gomez needed eyes. So they gave him some. Let me tell you, it is a little distracting to have your children inserting eyeballs into a skeleton's eye sockets and accidentally having them fall through his rib cage every now and then while you are trying to talk on the telephone.

Life is never dull.


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